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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-13 1911 Daimler type A12

The Y13-2 1911 Daimler type A12 joined the range in 1966 when it replaced the American General locomotive. The regular issue was always painted yellow but as the body and the bonnet were different castings the colours can vary because they were painted seperately. It has a black baseplate and brass plated grille, windscreen frame, handbrake and wire wheels, The tyres and grille were black plastic.
The first modification was to open the spare wheel recess in the running board. Next the steering wheel which was a five spoke metal wheel was changed for a four spoke plastic one. From then on the seven baseplate modifications were carried out and all of these variations were fitted with dark red seats. In 1975 the model was replaced by the 1918 Crossley RAF Tender.
In 1984 the Daimler was reintroduced as part of the Connoisseurs Collection where 6 older castings were recoloured and extra detailing added and were packaged in a wooden box. The Daimler had a blue body and a light blue baseplate which had also the text modified to include the words 'Limited Edition'.


Above; The yellow Daimler can have dark red or black seats but the grille was
always black, The type 3 baseplate is maybe hard to find but other than that
there are no rare variations, Models with grey tyres and green or red plastic grilles are Lesney's prototypes that were not officially released. Like the model pictured above the grilles are often missing.

Above: Left, the early closed and on the right the later open running boards


Above: The baseplate detail as shown below (type 4 shown)

Above: The Daimler had no less than 8 modifications to the baseplate

Above: A Limited edition model from the Connoisseur Collection.