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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-12 1937 GMC Van

The 1937 GMC Van joined the range in 1988 replacing the Stephensons Rocket at number Y12-5, The GMC had two modifications to the body which were most likely to have been carried out at the same time. First the bonnet appeared not to be closed properly so this was rectified along with the height of the body waist line was reduced to stop it intefering with the tampo printing.
Also the acorn shaped headlights were reworked giving them a more streamlined form but the two types were both in use for some time. The wheels were the press fit type with rubber tyres.


The first release was Goblin Electric Cleaners livery which was issued in 1988
It had an all black body and chromed wheels. It also had the ill fitting bonnet and the thick body line but can be found with both of the headlight types.
The first 6000 had grey painted roofs but this was deleted for the remainder of the run due to problems with paint coverage.

A very unusual lesney - simply because it was black.

Above: The streamlined lights (left) with the 'acorn' lights (right)


The second livery was for Baxter's Soup which was released in 1989. It had a green baseplate & wings and off white body which had a properly closing bonnet and thin body line, It can be found with both types of headlight and it had chrome wheels. Pre production models did not have the address printed on the bottom of the doors.

The Baxter's Van was a Limited Edition.


The next run was supposed to be in the livery of Singer Sewing Machines but permission was not forthcoming so it did not materialise. So in 1991 the GMC was released in the Australian livery of 'Goanna Oil Liniment',
It had a black baseplate and blue body with red wheels which can be either dark red or orangy red, The decal can also be dark red or orangy red and it is believed the darker red were pre production models. This issue can only be found with streamlined headlights.

All 3 versions of the GMC can be found with a Made in Macau baseplate,
The Goanna can also have a Made in China base.