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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-12 1909 Thomas Flyabout

In 1967 the Y12-2 1909 Thomas Flyabout joined the range. The model was originally painted metallic blue all over and the very first issues had the supporting struts for the smooth tan roof locate to pins cast in to the body sides, The model was quickly altered when the cast in pins were removed and molded as part of the red plastic seats. The version with cast in pins can sometimes be found with very rare yellow seats and is a highly sought after variation.
The Thomas had brass plated 12 spoke wheels, radiator, windscreen frame and spare wheel carrier with a black plastic steering wheel and a dark red plastic grille insert. It can be found with three different baseplates, Type 2 had the "1909 Thomas Flyabout" text upside down and is hard to find and the type three baseplate with the upside down text corrected can also be found with a textuerd tan roof or a textured black roof with white seats.
The model was recoloured to a metallic purple-red body with a white chassis which can be found with a black textured roof, dark red or white seats and 12 or 24 spoke chrome wheels.
The model was recoloured again to metallic ruby red body with a white chassis. This version had a black textured roof and grille insert, white seats and either 12 or 24 spoke chrome plated wheels.
The Thomas was replaced by the 1912 Ford Model T van in 1979.


Above. The Thomas, The yellow seats version is very
rare and the "upside down text" baseplate is hard to find.

Above. The roof support pins were originally cast into the body.


Above. On later issues the pins were molded as part of the seat.

Above. The first type baseplate with giftware mounting
holes and "Thomas Flyabout" in one line.


Above. baseplate 2 had the giftware mounting holes filled in and the model year and name relocated on to a raised platform but the text was upside down when compared to the other text on the base.
This version is hard to find.

Above. Baseplate 3 with the upside down text corrected.