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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-11 1932 Bugatti Type 51

The Y11-4 1932 Bugatti Type 51 was introduced in 1986, It was of course painted French blue all over with racing number '4' appied to either side of the tail and to the bonnet, It had a dull aluminium shade radiator grille and wheels and a dull silver dashboard, steering wheel and arm, brake lever and rods and the underneath featured a dull silver exhaust system and front suspension, It also had a small clear plastic windscreen, brown seats and a Made in England baseplate.
In 1990 the model was replaced by the new Y11-5 the 1924 Bugatti type 35.


The Bugatti was a beautiful model which was spoilt by the excessive use of plastic in it's construction, In fact when I got this model I had to look twice to make sure I had not picked up an empty box, Lesney can perhaps be excused for this as the model could not be re-coloured for further releases so plastic parts were used to keep manufacturing costs down. Unfortunately there are no rareties although the first issue with 6mm dashboard brace is not so easy to find.

Above: The rear axle had a lot of sideways movement so at the same time as the dashboard brace was modified the spacers behind the rear wheels were increased in length by 1mm on each side.

Above: The first variation with a 6mm brace beside the dashboard and the second variation with a 12mm brace which is far more common,