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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-11 Lagonda Drophead Coupe.

The Y11-3 Lagonda Drophead Coupe was introduced in 1972. The first issue had a metallic gold body and a metallic purple chassis which had a slightly shorter baseplate and no braces to the rear bumper bracket, This version is very rare and highly sought after, After the metallic purple issue the baseplate and bumper bracket underwent minor modifications, The body was still painted metallic gold but the chassis colour can be found in dark red or strawberry red and both of these are rare,
The first regular issue had a metallic gold body with a metallic maroon chassis which due to a thin paint coverage often gets mistaken for the metallic purple version, It had brass plated grille, headlights, windscreen frame, bumpers and 24 spoke wire wheels. The interior, grille shell insert, trunk and folded roof were all black plastic.
The model underwent its first recolouring to a metallic orange body and a metallic gold body with black plastics and 12 or 24 spoke brass plated wheels or 24 spoke chrome plated wheels.
The model was recoloured again to a metallic copper body with metallic gold chassis. This can be found with chrome 12 or 24 spoke wheels or red 12 spoke plastic wheels, It usually had black seats but the later issues had maroon seats and grille insert and the final run had a red interior which is rare.
The next colour scheme was a gloss cream body with a gloss black chassis but one crossover issue can be found with cream body and metallic gold chassis. The cream and black issue has a silver plated grille, windscreen frame and bumpers and did look much more realistic than the earlier metallic painted issues but was let down by the new solid chrome wheels and white wall tyres fitted to some issues, Alternately it could have 12 spoke red plastic wheels or chrome 12 or 24 spoke wheels. The interior was maroon plastic with a maroon or black grille but some later issues had brown or black seats.
The final issue was part of the 1985 "Fathers Day" giftset which featured a Lagonda with deep red body and chassis, It reverted back to brass plated grille, headlights, bumpers and windscreen frame and 24 spoke wire wheels and it had black interior. The Lagonda was replaced by the Bugatti Type 51 in 1986.


Above. The gold and metallic maroon Lagonda.
The first issue with a metallic purple chassis and early bumper
casting are very rare, The second and third issues with either
a dark red or strawberry red chassis are rare as is the metallic
copper body with metallic gold chassis and red seats.

Above. The gold and metallic maroon rear view


Above. Metallic orange body with a gold chassis.

Above. The gloss cream body and gloss black chassis.


Above. The last issue in deep red body and chassis with
black seats is from the 1985 "Fathers Day" triple pack.

Above. The early (left) and later (right) type baseplates.
A, With and without braces to the bumper bracket.
B, Showing the short and the long baseplates.