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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-11 1912 Packard Landaulet

The Y11-2 1912 Packard Landaulet was relesed in 1964. It was painted a dark red with a black bonnet and black plastic seats. The wheels, drivers compartment floor & bulkhead, steering wheel, spare wheel carrier and the grille & headlights were brass plated although it is not unusual to find these parts with the plating missing. The doors on the passenger compartment were decorated with heraldic shield decals.
There are two baseplates which both have giftware mounting holes but one example without holes has been found which suggests it was altered very early in production unless that happens to be a pre production model. The brass plated steering wheel was later replaced by one molded in black plastic and the spare wheel carrier originally had four prongs but this was changed to three prongs but on the final run for the cream painted "Connoisseur Collection" the spare carrier reverted back to four prongs.
There are no particularly hard to find models although the first example with the early baseplate is not so easy to find, The Packard was replaced by the Y11-3 Lagonda drophead in 1972 but in 1984 the Packard was re-released in cream with extra detailing for inclusion in the Connoisseur collection.


Above: I can't help thinking that the Packard looked very much like the
Munsters coach. It just needs a Herman Munster figure to drive it.

Above: The seats are very prone to falling out and getting lost.


Above, The 4 prong (early) and 3 prong (later) spare
wheel carrier. Note also the metal and later black plastic
steering wheel.

Above: Left, Note the strengthening bar that runs between the sidelights,
Also note the lack of brass plating on the radiator and the lack of headlights!.


Above: The early baseplate, a single example
without giftware mounting holes is known to exist.

Above: The later type baseplate which has the
central dome and the rear rivet housing joined
by a raised panel.

Above: Limited Edition model from the Connoisseur Collection.

Above: Whoops, I wonder how it got that extra decal?.