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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-10 1906 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.

The Y10-3 1906 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost joined the range in 1969. It had a metallic lime green body and a metalic bronze chassis with dark red plastic seats and grille insert. It had bronze plated radiator grille shell and headlights, windscreen frame, running boards and 12 spoke wheels. The very first issue had a seam running down the center of the rear body and a thin web between the chassis and front spring, The second issue had the web between the spring and chassis widened and a triangular brace was added to the ends of the front springs and the next issue had the central seam in the rear of the body replaced by two less noticable seams located out near the corners of the body.
The model was recoloured to white body with a metallic purple chassis and it was fitted with chrome 12 spoke wheels. The seats were dark red or black plastic and on early white & purple issues the seats were molded individually but in the later issues the seats were one all piece. The chassis was then recoloured to ruby red and this version can be found with chrome 12 or 24 spoke or dark red 12 spoke wheels.
The Rolls was recoloured for the last time to silver body and chassis with a black plastic grille insert, It had dark red or black seats and could have 12 spoke red plastic or chrome 12 or 24 spoke wheels and although the silver painted model was the probably the prettiest of the batch it was spoiled by the tall white wall tyres. One rare run had cream seats and one rare run had white seats and one rare crossover issue found the silver body paired up with the metallic purple chassis.
The Silver Ghost was replaced by the Maserati 250F in 1986.


Above. The first issue in metallic lime green body with a
metallic bronze chassis. The rare ones - silver body &
purple chassis or silver body & chassis with white seats.

Above. Although the Y-10 Silver Ghost was a well executed
model it did not quite have the charm of the earlier Y-16.

Above, Issue 2 with a white body & metallic purple chassis.


Above. The final issue in silver. The later issue white wall tyres did not look right when compared to the earlier issues with thinner tyres.

Above. The rare yellow seats version,
photo courtesy George Marshall.

Above. Unlisted variation with brown seats?. Thats what I thought when I bought it. Its a sunfade, The seats were once dark red.

A, an early issue with a single casting line at the rear of the body.
B, a later issue with two casting lines.

Above. with a thin web between spring and chassis.
B, without a brace at the end of the spring.


Above. A, the web between spring & chassis was widened.
B, a brace was cast beside the end of the spring.

Above. The earlier version with two single seats and a later issue with the seats molded in one piece.