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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-10 1928 Mercedes Benz 36-220

The Y-10 1928 Mercedes Benz 36-220 was introduced in 1963 when it replaced the earlier Mercedes grand prix racer. It was always painted white all over with red interior, tan dashboard and silver plated radiator, headlights, windscreen frame and exhaust pipes which run the full length of the car.
Early issues had giftware mounting holes in the baseplate that were later filled in, Both early and later types can be found with one or two spare wheels attached to the rear of the car and the models with one spare tyre are probably the easiest to find.,
The wheels were very intricately cast wires which are always found with fine tread black plastic tyres. The very first issue was released with baseplate holes, two spare wheels and very unusual black plastic seats which is an extremely rare variation that does not come up for sale very often, As the Mercedes has no roof the red plastic interior is even more prone to sunfade so models can be found with almost pink seats which is due to sun bleaching the colour out of the plastic.
In 1969 it was deleted to make way for the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.


The Mercedes, quite a nice model but I'm not sure the white paint
did much for sales, Just the black seated version to look out for
but it is extremely rare indeed.

Above: Mercedes with one and two spare wheels,
Note the black seated model illustrated on the early box.