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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-1 1936 Jaguar SS-100

The Y1-3 1936 Jaguar SS-100 was released in 1977 and the first version is off white and is considered to be a pre-production model, It is distinguishable from the cream painted second issue in that only the first version has very small sidelights on the top of the front wings which were enlarged considerably on all later issues. The Jaguar always had black plastic seats, steering wheel and hood and 24 spoke chromed wheels or finely cast 24 spoke chromed wire wheels.
It had black plastic tyres that may or may not have a white wall and the folded windscreen frame, grille and headlights were chromed plastic. The model was recoloured from cream to steel grey which was quickly replaced by steel blue. Halfway through the steel blue issue it was found that the freshly painted castings were sticking to the conveyor belt so five lines were cast in to the underside of the running boards to raise the casting from the surface.
It was then released in dark green and finally in two distinct shades of yellow before production in the UK came to a halt for the last time, It was later released a dark yellow diorama issue which was made in Macau and also a red version that was made in China.


Above. Two versions of the Jaguar, The green (UK) and yellow (Macau) issues.
The ones to look for, Just the off white version with smaller sidelights is rare.

Above. The green version with it's box.


Macau issue with plastic diorama.

Steel blue version with an unplated grille