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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-1 1911 Ford Model T

The Y1-2 1911 Ford Model T joined the range in 1964 and despite Ford marketing the car as being "any colour you like as long as it's black" Lesney who did not like black used a darkish red, The first issue had a twin gear lever/ handbrake which was soon replaced by a single gear lever, It had a baseplate that had mounting holes for use in the giftware range which was different to the baseplate that actually got used by the giftware issues. The baseplate was quickly replace by a newer version that had no mounting holes drilled. It had a red metal steering wheel and black seats and a smooth black roof. The red metal steering wheel was soon replaced by a black plastic steering wheel. The windsceen frame was unusual as it was made from thick wire bent to shape, The wheels were originally brass plated 12 spoke but later chrome or brass plated wheels with 12 or 24 spoke were used. It was fitted with a brass plated bulb horn and brass plated radiator grille shell and headlights, a black plastic radiator grille was fitted into the radiator shell. The final red issue was fitted with a textured black plastic roof.
The colour scheme was changed to a cream body with a red chassis that was originally fitted with black seats which was later changed to red seats and the final red and cream issue had the textured black roof replaced by a dark red textured roof and it can have either a red or black plastic grille insert.
The colour scheme was changed again to a white body with a red chassis which can be found with a dark red, red, or bright red grille, seats and textured roof.
It was deleted from the range in 1974 only to be re-released in 1984 and this final issue was as Fords intended, With a black painted body & chassis with a black textured roof and brown seats but this was part of the "Connoisseurs collection" which has "Limited Edition" molded to the inside of the roof.


Above.The T Ford in red with smooth black plastic roofs. The ones to look for, The first issue with twin gear lever/handbrake and all issues with a black textured roof are rare but be wary of textured roofs from the Connoisseurs collection (with Limited Edition) being substituted, Also issues with the bright red textured roofs are hard to find

Above. right, the early type baseplate with giftware mounting holes.
left, the more common later type baseplate without holes.

Above: A Limited edition model from the Connoisseur Collection.