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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y3-1 1907 London E Class Tramcar

The 1907 London E class tramcar was introduced in 1956, It was always painted red but shades can vary,
It could have a cream or a white roof with hand applied silver or gold trim to the drivers controls and headlights. "News of the World" decals were fiited to the sides along with "Buy Lesney Toys" and "London Transport" and the front and back had "City" decals which can have a either white or a cream background because two different sets of decals were used,
Underneath each end is a cow catcher or lifeguard which is painted grey except for the final run which had a white cow catcher, The early versions had a very thin cow catcher which was soon thickend up with the addition of a plate that was cast in at the rear,
The wheels were grey metal but from around 1959 black plastic wheels were used instead, Both types had the wheels cast as part of the axles. The baseplate is usually painted black but a very short run was fitted with a grey baseplate.
There were two casting modifications, The first was the opening beneath the stairs was filled in and shortly afterwards the openings in the upper deck floor at the top of the stairs were filled in. Despite the tram being a vehicle that would only have been seen plying the streets of London it proved to be quite popular as it was not deleted until 1965 after 9 years in production.


The ones to look for, The grey baseplate is rare and the white cowcatcher/Lifeguard is hard to find.

Above, A shows the earlier thin cowcatcher/lifeguard
B is the later type cowcatcher/lifeguard with strengthening plate


Above. A is the area below the stairs that was first to be filled in.
B shows the upper deck access which was filled in later.