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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-8 1914 Sunbeam Motorcycle
and Milford Sidecar

The Y8-2 1914 Sunbeam Motorcycle and Milford Sidecar joined the range in 1962 and was not particularly well received by the collecting community as the scale of the model meant it was really a little bit on the large size to display with other models so did not sit well with the rest of the range.
Instead of paint the Sunbeam had a chrome plated finish and a black plastic riders seat with a dark green sidecar seat, The wheels were a very finely cast 26 spoke unplated wire wheels fitted with black plastic tyres.
There were two minor casting modifications which appear to have been carried out at the same time, The first was to the front forks where the gap between the forks was filled in and the sidecar had a brace cast in behind the sidecar wheel.
A short run were fitted with either an emerald green or a black sidecar seat and both versions are very rare but reproduction seats in these colours have been available for some time and certain ebay sellers seem to find these rare issues a little too often so it really is a case of buyer beware when purchasing these models.
The Sunbeam also appeared with a very rare gold plated finish and colour trials for a 1981 Yesteryear 25th anniversary model are known to exist in white, red, blue, green and yellow which are also very rare although the intended 25th anniversary model never actually made it into production, The model was replaced by the Y8-3 Stutz Roadster in 1969.


Above. The Sunbeam with emerald green (above) or black sidecar seat and the gold plated version are all very rare but replacement seats in emerald green and black have been available for some time and very amateurish fake gold plated versions exist too so buyer beware.

Above. The Sunbeam looks good from all angles.


Above. A shows the open gap between the forks.
B shows the forks with the gap filled.

Above. A shows the sidecar without a brace,
B shows the sidecar with a brace.