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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-16 1904 Spyker

Lesneys model of the Dutch built 1904 Spyker joined the range in 1961. The first colour scheme used was cream with gold trim to the radiator grille shell, headlight and sidelights although the trim to the radiator grille shell was later deleted. The wheels were brass plated and the early issues had a bolt pattern which was later deleted. The seats were dark green plastic on all issues.
Knobbly grey plastic tyres were used on the first few runs which were soon replaced by knobbly black plastic and later still fine tread black plastic. It was very soon recoloured to pale yellow and towards the end of it's life by a darker yellow, A very rare issue that was painted maroon also made an appearance which went on to become one of the most sought after issues in the range.
There were casting modifications to the steering wheel boss and the windscreen frame has three slightly different castings which were all in use throughout the models life. The running boards were altered (see pics below) and two short runs were issued with base plates intended for the giftware releases. Finally the early type gear lever which had a straight and curved lever was replaced by two straight gear levers. The Spyker was replaced in 1971/2.


Above. The pale yellow Spyker with grey plastic tyres. The ones to look for, The maroon version is very rare, The cream version is rare and models issued with the giftware baseplates are hard to find

Above. The pale yellow Spyker with black plastic tyres.


Above. The dark yellow spyker

Above. The rare maroon Spyker.

Above.The pale yellow and dark yellow Spykers.

Above. Showing the (A) open and (B) closed running boards.

Above. Top: the standard baseplate.
Below: the giftset issue baseplate with "Models of Yesteryear No 16" text removed and giftware mounting sockets cast in.