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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y4-1 Sentinel Steam Waggon

The Sentinel Steam Waggon was the fourth model to join the range in 1956. It was always painted dark blue and it had just the top of the chimney and a small box on the side of the chassis trimmed with gold paint, It was enhanced with decals to the front, rear and both sides which read "Sand & Gravel Supples", The chassis was painted matt or gloss black and included the chimney as part of the casting,
The wheels were grey metal spoked at the front and the rears were of a daisy pattern design similar to the Y2 B type bus but were actually a completely new casting, By the time that the final issue was being made the dies for the wheels had worn out so black plastic wheels from the 1-75 series were fitted instead with the front wheels being slightly smaller than the rears, The axles usually had crimped ends but on the later issues they had axles with rounded ends fitted. There were no casting variations to this one and it was deleted in 1960 which was probably not just because the dies had worn out but also because it was not a particularly pretty model and probably did not sell as well as had been expected.
Note that the spelling of "Waggon" is correct, Other companies built wagons but only Sentinel built waggons!.


The ones to look for, Just the version with black plastic wheels is hard to find.

The two different wheel types fitted to this model