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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-15 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

The Rolls Royce Silver Ghost was introduced in 1960 and although plastic tyres had been in use for some time this was the first model in the range to use plastic in its general construction as it had plastic seats and it was also the first to use metallic paint.
The Rolls was always painted metallic green and the shades used can vary between being almost silver right across to mid green, It had gold trim to the radiator grille shell and the sidelights and the earliest version also had red trim to the tail light and silver to the rear number plate although it is not unusual to find models without any gold trim at all,
The headlights and front number plate were a seperately cast fitting which was usually silver plated but brass plated headlights are known. The wheels can be found in three distinct versions, The first type were a split rim spoked design with a rim with bolt heads running around the inside, This type can be found with a silver or brass finish. Next came a regular spoked design with a brass finish which were soon replaced with a type 1 design that did not have bolt heads cast in which also had a brass finish,
The earliest versions used grey plastic tyres and all later issues had black plastic tyres. The grey tyres and early black tyres had a knobbly tread pattern with the later black tyres having a much finer tread. The seats were usually black plastic but one run was issued with green plastic seats,
There was only one casting modification which was to the spare tyre carrier which added a ring around the inside face but the baseplate was modified at least four times which were most likely adaptations so the model could be used in the giftware range, The baseplate modifications are explained below. The Rolls Royce was deleted in 1968 after an 8 year run.


Above, The early version with grey tyres, There are no rare variations.

Above. There are at least 5 different baseplates.
A can be domed, flat with a hole or flat without a hole.
B can be recessed or flat.
C with or without giftware mounting hole.
D with gaps open or filled.
Note the model on the right with brass headlights.


Above, The spare wheel carrier.
A, Early version without inner strengthening ring.
B, Later version with inner strengthening ring.