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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y8-1 Morris Cowley Bullnose

The Morris Cowley joined the range in 1958, It was painted light brown with a dark brown baseplate which had the wings cast in as part of it, The radiator grille and what I assume to be an accumulator mounted on the running board were both trimmed in gold. The wheels were a tidy looking ten spoke that have a silver plating but this is sometimes missing or discoloured with age, The wheels were fitted with black plastic tyres and can be found mounted on axles with a crimped ends or axles with a rounded ends, There was also a spare wheel attached to the drivers door,
The spread rivets that attach the rear end of the baseplate are not always as tight as they should be which allows the dickey seat to drop down backwards, A minor modification was made to the hinge to rectify this, Exactly why Lesney thought it necessary to fit working features to a model for the adult collectors is anyones guess, Maybe someone from Lesneys saw one of us playing with our toys!, There were no other casting modifications, In 1962 it was deleted after a 4 year production run.


Above. The ones to look for. None. There are no rare variations of the Morris Cowley.

Above. Showing the opening dickey seat and the spare wheel.