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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-7 1913 Mercer Raceabout
type 35J

The Y-7 1913 Mercer Raceabout type 35J was introduced in 1961, It was originally intended that the Mercer should be a replacement for the Y6-1 AEC lorry so pre production models were numbered Y6 but for the production models it was given the Y7 designation instead. It was intended that the Mercer would be painted metallic mauve but this was switched to silver when mauve was not available, The 44b Rolls Royce was also painted metallic mauve but it too was painted silver on occasions and the wheel type used tells us that they swapped back and forth between colours as they became available. The first issues had type 1 wings and 3 line baseplates, The second had type 2 wings and 3 line baseplates and both types did not have front axle webs. The third and fourth were fitted with type 3 and 4 wings but with four line baseplates and webs were cast in next to the front axle.
It was then fitted with finer tread tyres and can be found with a long or short spotlight on the bonnet. It was then recoloured to yellow which is not so easy to find, This can be found with a gold or an unpainted grille and long or short spotlight. It was deleted in 1968 to make way for the Y7 1912 Rolls Royce.


Above: An early issue Mercer fitted with knobbly black tyres.
The versions with type 1 and 2 wings and 3 line baseplates are hard to find.

Above: The front wings shown from above.
.............1 open gaps...............2 with strengthening struts.....3 front gaps filled, with ridges.....4 front gaps filled, no ridges

Above left. The front axle webs.............. Right: Three & four line base text.........

Above: left, a metallic mauve mercer fitted with a silver bonnet,
Thats no sunfade!.


Above: The very attractive yellow Mercer is not so easy to find.