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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-12 1899 Horsedrawn London Bus

The London Horsedrawn Bus was introduced in 1959, It was always painted red but the shades used can vary, It had light brown upper deck seats and driver and the driver had black trim added to his hat which is often worn at the top due to it rubbing inside the box while in transit. The final issue had the top deck seats and driver painted in a creamier light brown. The Horses were painted brown on the early issues and dark brown on the later ones, The horses manes were painted white on both versions and the horses harnesses were trimmed in gold.
The wheels were of a spoked type which were always painted black. It was fitted with no less than eight decals which is probably a record number, Soon after it's introduction the lower side decals were enlarged slightly and the new type were printed in brighter colours, There was just one casting modification and that was to the drawbar which was originally attached to the bus by a single rivet, The mounting plate was widened and this one used two rivets to attach it to the bus but the drawbar was always the weak spot on this model so it is not unusual to find horseless buses at most toyfairs due to this component breaking. It was deleted in 1966/7.


There were no rare variations of the London Hosedrawn Bus.