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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y2-1 1911 AEC B Type London Bus

The AEC B Type B Type London Bus was released in 1956, It was always painted red and shades can vary, The Driver can be painted black, blue or light blue and they are equally common, The radiator grille shell was originally painted silver all over by hand but with the introduction of mask spray painting it was reduced to just the grille slats being silver, The wheels were unique to this model with the fronts being spoked and a daisy pattern to the rear and they are usually unpainted but for the final issues which were painted black. The axles were crimped to begin with but around 1959 they were changed to axles with a rounded end.
On the early versions the upper deck seats were painted light brown all over but the later issues had just the upper face painted. To enhance the model it was liberally adorned with no less than seven decals for 'Dewars', 'Oakleys Knife Polish' and of course the 'General' signs to the sides and the destination boards at the front and rear.
There were just two casting modifications, Decal aligning ridges were added to each side of the 'General' decal and the side windows were modified when it was found that too many of the window frames were getting damaged during the fetteling process so an additional support was added to the tops of the upper window struts so what was originally called a '4 over 4' windows now became an '8 over 4' windows. The Bus was deleted in 1963 after 7 years in production.


The ones to look for, 4 over 4 side windows is hard to find as is the black painted wheel version.

Left, 4 over 4 windows. Right, 8 over 4 windows.

Above. Right, Early type brown seats.
Left, Later Cream - Brown seats