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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-5 1929 Bentley 4 litre

In 1962 the Y5-2 1929 Bentley 4 litre was introduced as a replacement for the earlier Y5-1 1929 Le Mans Bentley, It was initially released in metallic apple green but Lesney were pressured by the Bentley owners club to recolour it to something more realistic so it was changed to British racing green, The metallic apple green can be found with dark red or green seats / tonneau and both versions are rare. Likewise the British racing green version also had a dark red, red or green seats / tonneau but only the dark red version is hard to find.
Early versions had the radiator cast in as part of the body but this was changed to a seperately cast part, The first models with the new radiator had gaps between the rear springs and the fuel tank and giftware holes in the baseplate, This version is hard to find.
The British racing green versions are normally found with black 5 decals but some had black 3 or black 6 decals fitted instead which are also hard to find. The Bentley progressed through 4 different baseplate castings during its 6 years, The first had no giftware holes and gaps between the fuel tank and the rear springs, The second was as type 1 with giftware mounting holes, The third had no spring-fuel tank gap and no giftware holes and the forth was as type 3 with giftware holes.
It was replaced by the Y5-3 1907 Peugeot in 1969.


Above: The metallic apple green with a green tonneau is rare

Above: And the metallic apple green with a red tonneau is also rare


Above: British racing green Bentley is usually found
with 5 decals or the hard to find 3 or 6 decals.