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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y11-1 1920 Aveling & Porter Road Roller

The Aveling & Porter road roller joined the range in 1958, It was always painted a yellowish mid green and it had dark red painted rollers front and rear with the tyre faces being left unpainted. It had a flywheel which can be painted matt or gloss very dark brown or matt or gloss black and neither version is particularly rare. The roof supporting struts were mild steel rod which can vary in length somewhat and they can be found painted black on the early issues or green on the later ones. The lenght of the roof supports affected the height of the roof which means it can be level with or above or below the chimney,
It had gold trim to the top of the chimney and to the steering rack and steering gear but later issues had the trim to the steering gear deleted, Early issues had axles with crimped ends and the later issues axles had rounded ends. There were no casting modifications, It was deleted in 1963 after just 5 years in production.


The one to look for, Just the first version that has a gold trim to makers plate (situated just behind the chimney) is hard to find.