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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y6-1 AEC Y Type Lorry

The AEC Y Type lorry joined the range in 1957, Early pre production models were painted pale blue or light blue and had gold trim to the radiator grille shell and bonnet handles, The first regular production issue was painted grey with silver trim to the grille shell and bonnet handles, Decals displaying "Osram Lamps - GEC London" were applied to both sides which may have something to do with GEC being a customer of Lesneys from their very earliest days. The wheels were die cast metal with the front being a spoked design while the rears were a daisy pattern which once again were completely new castings probably because the ones used on the Sentinel and B Type bus were too small for this model. Later the paint was changed to a darker grey which is slightly less common than the lighter grey issue
There were no casting modifications but one unusual feature of this model that it had a driver cast onto the baseplate, The baseplate itself was only intended to fill the hole in the cab floor as it did not secure the axles like earlier models and a few examples have been found without a baseplate being fitted at all, These are generally regarded by collectors as being error pieces so don't usually fetch a premium, Like the Sentinel the final run was fitted with black plastic tyres borrowed from the 1-75 series which was probably because the dies for the wheels were worn or broken.
It should be noted that the light grey versions will fade to light blue if left in the sun but the paint underneath the decal will retain it's proper colour as it has been protected by the decal, Also the grill on a sunfaded model would be silver instead of the usual gold as found on the genuine light blue pre production model. It was deleted in 1961 after just four years in production so it was probably not a great seller.


Light grey
The ones to look for, The blue versions and the one with black plastic tyres are all very rare.

Dark grey


What happens to the light grey version when left in sunlight for prolonged periods, The paint changes to light blue, What I should have realised is the paint on the baseplate and underneath the decal is still grey, Also it has a silver grill which should be gold on the real blue AEC's.