Husky / Corgi Juniors by Mettoy
#8a Ford Thunderbird Convertible

The 1961-63 Ford Thunderbird Convertible was #8 as part of the initial Husky lineup of 14 models released late in 1964.
As a child I am sure I wasnt the only one to mistake this toy for a Crayford convertable Ford Corsair as it was rather high and narrow for such a large convertable in small scale.

The initial open top release in nursery pink was an attempt to follow the American fashion for pink convertables. All featured yellow seats, untinted windscreen, chrome plated plastic baseplate including bumpers with simple leaf spring suspension and 9 x 2mm solid gray plastic wheels.

In 1966 the Thunderbird was recoloured to yellow and given a dark blue tinted clear plastic detatchable roof but was otherwise unchanged from the pink issues.
All were packaged in the standard red and white Husky models blisterpack until the model was deleted in 1968.


Above: The first release was in pink, Although the model
was later recoloured it always had yellow interior, grey
wheels and clear windows.

Above: The yellow version with its new blue roof. This blister
has been in the sun causing the chrome to flake from the plastic
baseplate which happens very easily indeed with these early
huskys in or out of the blister !


code number
body colour
roof colour
interior colour
base colour
code 1
9x2mm grey plastic
code 2
9x2mm grey plastic

Values based on Vectis + ebay actual selling prices.
prices for mint models in blister pack, the value for uncarded models is approximately 1/3
pink - 20-25
yellow - 30-35