Husky / Corgi Juniors by Mettoy
#6a Citroen Safari Ambulance

The small 2a Citroen Safari casting was modified with a central hole for a roof light and filled in boat clip holes to become the #6a Citroen Safari ambulance in the original 1964 lineup of the new Husky range.
A clever blue tinted plastic molding was created which incorporated the front dash, front seats, roof lamp and all 5 windows behind the driver“s compartment which was itself glazed with untinted windows.
All #6a Citroen Safari ambulances were painted brilliant white and a waterslide Red Cross decal was applied to the bonnet. Wheels and chrome plastic baseplate were identical to those used for the #2a.

This white paint is prone to age badly so today some examples can be found looking distinctly off-white although some collectors assume that they were painted off-white by Corgi, such examples that I have personally seen also feature deeply yellowed Red Cross decals whereas brilliant white cars have fresh white backgrounds to their decals.
All were packaged in the standard generic red on white blisterpack.
This model was retired in 1967 when Corgi decided not to make an ambulance version of their larger scale #2b Citreon Safari.


Above: A Citroen still on its Husky blister card,
note the clear and blue tinted windows.

Above: Showing the red cross detail.


code number
body colour
windows colour
base type
code 1
blue / clear
red & white "red cross"
chrome plastic husky
9x2mm grey plastic

Values based on Vectis + ebay actual selling prices.
prices for mint models in blister pack, the value for uncarded models is approximately 1/3
white, red x decals, gpw - £30-£40