Husky / Corgi Juniors by Mettoy
#20a Ford Thames van

The Ford Thames van, based upon the Ford Anglia car, joined the Husky range in 1965 and remained in production until 1968.
All were packaged in the standard Husky models red and white blisterpack.

There are no known variations from the standard production version, all of which were painted red, a shade close to the Post Office colour of the 1960s, and fitted with matching red plastic windowless opening rear doors. Open the doors and on the inside of the roof is a door stop where the only casting modification can be seen, this door stop can be found in two sizes, a small door stop in the center or a full width door stop.

All featured 9x2mm solid gray plastic wheels, the typical Husky chrome plated plastic baseplate with fragile suspension leaves, untinted glazing, yellow plastic interior plus a yellow plastic ladder and aerial not unlike those fitted to Post Office telephone vans or perhaps all colours were even inspired by the then popular TV rental multinational company D.E.R.


Above: The Ford Thames van in its blister pack
complete with its yellow plastic aerial and ladder.
photo courtesy Matchboxmodels from the forum.

Above: Although it is quite an easy model to find it is pretty
scarce if it is still sealed in its original blister pack, Like this
model the ladder is usually missing from played with examples.

Above: Showing the small and large door stops.
photo courtesy Antonin Shenk.


code number
body colour
windows colour
interior colour
base colour
door stops
code 1
blue tinted
yellow (inc aerial & ladder)
9x2mm grey plastic
code 2
blue tinted
yellow (inc aerial & ladder)
9x2mm grey plastic

Values based on Vectis + ebay actual selling prices.
prices for mint models in blister pack, the value for uncarded models is approximately 1/3
red, yellow interior - 25-35