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BiN Workaround

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BiN Workaround

Postby Idris » Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:24 am

The IT-police at one of the companies I work for (I do contract white-collar engineering work) have done something (disabled JavaScript?) which means that EBay's BiN payment page no longer works. It simply loads as plain text and no amount of fiddling with security settings and white lists will get it to load properly. Even changing browsers has no effect.
Recently I stumbled across a choice item being offered as a BiN but, since it was one of my days at this particular company, I was unable to clinch the deal on However, what I discovered was that works differently and, instead of taking you straight into the payment screen, has an intermediate page on which you 'commit to buy'. Clicking on this option then puts you in the same position as when you have won an auction, i.e. you have secured the item but still need to pay. That's what I did, the BiN disappeared from the listings, and I was able to pay for the model through that evening when I got back to my digs. (I also sent an Ebay-mail to the seller explaining the reason for the delay in paying, just to ensure that he didn't cancel the purchase and relist the item.)
Chances are that not many of you will ever find yourselves in this situation but, if you do, remember that there is an alternative to giving up and keeping your fingers crossed until you get home!
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Re: BiN Workaround

Postby Tinman » Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:25 pm

Wonder what would have happened if the buyer required immediate payment on the bin (that's how I have my auctions set)?
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