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Re: spot the gem

Postby MOKOSEX » Sat Nov 19, 2016 2:30 pm

Moyboy wrote:Nice find Dave. Not sure if you remember but I also found a yellow one but was an obvious repaint ( I hope it was at least !) so stripped it down. Don't know why none have been found in yellow so far as most of these early toys all shared the same colours and remember at the end of the war paint was in scarce supply and limited to what you could get.
It looks very genuine to me, even the finish to the paint looks aged and the axle ends are all genuine looking so you have probably made the find of the year. Just don't let Gary or the German boys know or they will be round to rob you ! I'm still looking for the orange version with black wheels plus of course a few roofs as usual. I got one that I thought was tan to go with my tan roller but looks more a sun faded green that has gone a weird colour.

Gary,s already emailed about it so he's seen it here lol,i remember you saw an orange trailer once ,again that would make more sense than the blue they came in ,then there was that brown dozer marco's got now so stuff is out there ,in the original picture the toys have a very tight timeline so i would guess they were all bought around at the same time,then stored and this was a "loft" find.
Also i have found the standard green roller with a green driver tough to find.
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