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Husky / Corgi Juniors and Rockets by Mettoy

Husky - Corgi Juniors & Rockets by Mettoy

These were a range of toys made by Mettoy, the Company famous for the Corgi brand of model cars. The first models appeared in 1964 and were sold exclusively by Woolworth's in the UK , USA & Canada into 1969, although from 1966 appearing in other countries through normal Corgi retailers.
They were made to a similar scale as the then current Lesney 1-75 models and the range covered a wide variety of vehicle types. The bodies were made from die cast metal and the bases, wheels and interiors were made from plastic so they were not as robust as the Lesney range. Later the wheels were made from diecast metal and had plastic tyres fitted. The bases were made from chromed plastic and had a U shaped slot at each end for the axles to sit in, These also worked as the suspension springs and were not very strong so when the suspension broke the wheels would disappear up into the body.
The exclusive Woolworths agreement ended in 1969 so the range was renamed to "Corgi Juniors" to cash in on the good reputation of the 1/43 scale range. Corgi磗 original 1969 response to Mattel磗 创Hotwheels创 was 创WHIZZWHEELS创 which utilised Husky & Corgi Juniors body castings branded as "Corgi Rockets". Both 创Whizzwheels创 and 创 Hotwheels创 were premium priced ranges in 1969 retailing one shilling (5 pence) more than traditional wheels cars.
However Lesney磗 Matchbox Superfast range was widely available from Christmas 1969 offering fast low friction wheels for the same price as any other basic car triggering the collapse in demand for slow realistic wheeled Corgi Juniors. Corgi responded with their 1970 decison to fit 创WHIZZWHEELS创 to the entire Corgi Juniors range.
Loss of a lawsuit in 1971 brought by Mattel over trackset patents killed the range of Corgi Rockets tracksets and the world wide success of Matchbox Superfast made it impossible to sell Corgi Rockets cars at a price premium so they too were dropped in 1972.
The body castings continued as Corgi Juniors Whizzwheels at Matchbox Superfast prices and Mattel lost more than half of their diecast volume in 1973 prompting the end of fancy Redline wheels, metal baseplates and candy colours as they struggled for the next 5 years to cut costs to compete at Corgi Juniors & Matchbox Superfast pocket money prices.

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  • 1a Jaguar Mark X
  • 1b Jaguar Mark X
  • 1c Reliant TW9 Pickup
  • 2a Citroen Safari (small)
  • 2b Citroen Safari (large)
  • 3a Mercedes 220S
  • 3b Volkswagen Beetle 1200 Policecar
  • 3c Volkswagen Beetle 1300 Policecar
  • 4a Jaguar Mark X Firechief
  • 4b Jaguar Mark X Firechief
  • 4c Zetor 5511 Tractor
  • 5a Lancia Flaminia
  • 5b Willys Jeep
  • 6a Citroen Safari Ambulance
  • 6b Ferrari Berlinetta 250GT
  • 6c DeTomaso Mangusta
  • 7a Buick Electra
  • 7b Duple Vista 25 seater coach
  • 8a Ford Thunderbird convertable
  • 8b Farm trailer
  • 9a Buick Electra Policecar
  • 9b Cadillac Eldorado
  • 10a Guy Warrior Coal truck
  • 11a Land Rover Forward control
  • 11b Austin Healy LeMans Sprite
  • 12a Volkswagen T1 tower truck
  • 12b Ford F350 tower truck
  • 12c Reliant Ogle Scimitar
  • 13a Guy Warrior Sand truck
  • 14a Guy Warrior Petrol tanker (oval)
  • 14b Guy Warrior Petrol tanker (squarish)
  • 15a Volkswagen T1 Pickup
  • 15b Studebaker Wagonaire TV car
  • 16a Aveling-Barford dumper truck
  • 16b Land rover pickup
  • 17a Guy Warrior Milk tanker (oval)
  • 17b Guy Warrior Milk tanker (squarish)
  • 17c Volkswagen Beetle 1300
  • 18a Jaguar Mark X chrome plated
  • 18b Jaguar Mark X chrome plated
  • 19a Commer Walk-thru van
  • 19b Sport boat on trailer
  • 20a Ford Thames van
  • 20b Volkswagen Beetle 1200
  • 21a Army Forward Control Land Rover
  • 21b Jaguar E type 2+2
  • 21c Vita-Min Mini Cooper
  • 22a (Citroen Safari) Military Ambulance
  • 22b Aston Martin DB6
  • 23a Guy Warrior US Army tanker
  • 23b Loadmaster Shovel
  • 24a Ford Zephyr Estate
  • 24b Aston Martin DBS
  • 25a S & D Refuse truck
  • 26a Sunbeam Alpine
  • 26b ERF Fire tender
  • 27a Bedford TK Skip truck
  • 28a Ford F350 tow truck
  • 29a ERF Cement mixer truck
  • 29b ERF Simon Snorkel Fire truck
  • 30a Studebaker Wagonaire Ambulance
  • 30b Studebaker Wagonaire Ambulance
  • 31a Oldsmobile Starfire
  • 31b Land Rover tow truck
  • 32a Volkswagen T1 Luggage Elevator
  • 32b Lotus Europa
  • 33a Farm Livestock trailer
  • 33b Jaguar E type 2+2
  • 34a Volvo 400 Tractor
  • 35a Ford F350 Camper
  • 36a Bedford TK Simon Snorkel Fire truck
  • 37a NSU RO80
  • 38a Rice Beaufort Horse trailer
  • 39a Jaguar XJ6
  • 40a Ford Transit Martin Walther motorhome
  • 41a Porsche Carrera 6
  • 42a Euclid dumper truck
  • 43a Massey Ferguson 3303 Tractor
  • 44a Raygo Rascal 600 road roller
  • 45a Mercedes Benz 280SL
  • 46a Jensen Interceptor
  • 47a Scammell Concrete Mixer
  • 48a ERF tipper
  • 49a Pininfarina Modulo
  • 50a Ferrari 512S
  • 51a Porsche 917
  • 52a Adams Probe 16
  • 54a Ford D series skip truck
  • 55a Daimler Fleetline double decker
  • 56a Ford Capri Fire Chief
  • 57a Cadillac Eldorado Hot Rod
  • 58a GP Beach Buggy
  • 59a The Futura
  • 60a VW Double Trouble Hot Rod
  • 61a Mercury Cougar Sheriff磗 car
  • 62a Volvo P1800S
  • 63a Ford Escort Rallycar
  • 64a Morgan Plus 8
  • 65a Alfa Bertone Carabo
  • 67a Ford Capri Hot Pants Dragster
  • 70a US Racing Buggy
  • 71a Marcos XP
  • 72a Mercedes C111
  • 73a Alfa Romeo P33
  • 74a Bertone Runabout Barchetta
  • 75a Superstock car