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Lone Star Locos, Treble-O-Lectric & Treble-O-Trains

Track & Buildings

Number 5 - straight track, 6 - curved, 20 - right & left hand points, 21 - crossovers and 23 - re-railers, All of the track was die cast, It was sold 3 to a box or two to a box for the points and crossovers, Later packaging numbered 50 to 64 held one piece of rolling stock and one or two pieces of track. The points were assembled from 3 die cast parts and they could be 'switched'.

Number 22 were the "Buffers" which was also a coal bunker which slotted on to the end of the track and was held in place by the tongue of the track, They were always painted black with red buffer bar and had a white lamp on top, These were sold 3 to a box.

Number 24 was the "Station" which was made from 4 brightly painted die cast parts, It is always found in this colour scheme and could be lengthened by using the platform from another station.

Number 27 was the "Bridge" which had a platform with two side girders and two pillars, It was originally 3.5 inches wide but can also be found measuring 4.5 inches wide which was probably for the Treble O lectric.


Number 28 was the "Gradient Piers" which were needed when elevating a train up to the correct height for the bridge, There was six pieces to a set and it appears that I have two incomplete sets. They were die cast and had a tag with a hole on each side so could be nailed down, They were always painted maroon.

At number 29 were the "Trees" which unlike the rest of the range released so far were made from plastic, The Trees came in a box of three and had to be assembled by threading the 'trunk' through a hole in the 6 pieces of 'branches'.

Number 30 were "Telegraph Poles" and 31 were "Fences and Gates", Unfortunately I dont have pictures of either set, The telegraph poles were made from brown plastic and the fences & gates from white plastic.

Number 32 was the "Signals" which had a white die cast pole with a black diecast weight attached to a wire that connected to the signal arm, The signal arm was tinplate and was painted red white & black, Unlike the two earlier sets they were not plastic which gives them a very realistic appearance but I would not like to step on one of these with bare feet!.


Number 33 was the "Signal Box" which was a simple trackside building that was die cast in one piece, It was always painted red & white or maroon & white, The lower window surrounds can be with or without the white painted trim.

Number 77 was the "Level Crossing" which came with a re-railer track, It was all die cast and consisted of a grey roadway and a lifting white barrier that had a red light painted on to the front, The barriers could be lifted and they would stay in the raised position, The roadway did not attach to the track but simply stood beside it.

Number 78 the "Bridge" was the last and final piece to join the range although the range went up to 84 those numbered above 78 were just a repackaging of items that already existed. The Bridge or Footbridge as it should be called was all die cast, It had two beige painted pillars that were decorated with a brick like pattern and a dark geen bridge that was cast in one piece, The central walkway had a raised panel on each side which would have displayed an advertising billboard, I think an attractive set of decals could have brightened up the footbridge no end.


The "Gulliver County" boxed set of motor vehicles, The Fire Engine and Bedford Lorry were only available in the colours shown and the Bedford can be found with a plastic box/crate, The Bus was available in red, yellow or green and the Citroen and Land Rover appeared in many colours, Photo courtesy of Adam of Adamsautos