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Moko Lesney Matchbox 8b Caterpillar crawler tractor

The second Lesney model of the caterpillar crawler tractor entered the Matchbox 1-75 series in 1958,
It was only painted in one colour scheme which was a complete covering of yellow.
It had green tracks or treads on unpainted dome head crimped axles with 8mm grey metal rollers,

There were no colour, casting, track, roller, trim or box variations or known pre production models,
It measured 42mm long (1-5/8 inches) and was only available in 'B' type boxes.
In 1961 it was replaced after just three years by an almost identical but scaled up version the number 8c,
It is quite a hard to find model.

code number general axles rollers
code 1 yellow body, green tracks dome head crimped 8mm metal

box types notes
B2 small picture, side view
B2 large picture, side view
B2 front view
B2 licence text on endflaps
B3 none

all models 40

values are for mint models in mint boxes

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