PLEASE NOTE: I will no longer be altering the variation codes. All new discoveries will be inserted in to their correct place in the timeline and given a suffix.
So a new variation that would be nearest to variation 4 would become the new 4a, etc.

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Moko Lesney Matchbox 73b Ferrari racing car

The Lesney model of the Ferrari Racing Car joined the Matchbox 1-75 series in 1962.
Like all Ferraris it was painted red and shades vary from bright red to a much darker red, it had a black base, 8mm die cast wire wheels on domed head rounded axles and 14 x 60 black plastic tyres. The inside of the front grille can be found in bare metal or it can be painted black
It usual decals were of a black Ferrari prancing horse on a yellow shield and the racing number 73 on the sides but a few have been seen with the number 52 decals from the 52a maserati fitted, These may be pre production models but I have been unable to examine one as yet.
I have also seen a few Ferraris that have had an additional prancing horse decal applied to the front but like the 52 decalled issue I have been unable to confirm that it is a variation or not but I believe they could be genuine as the few that I have seen have not sold for a great amount of money.

The car had a three spoked stering wheel and like the exhaust pipes could be plated a shiny silver or be unplated mazac (US-zamac).
A casting variation is to be found on the exhaust pipes, that is the openings in the end of the pipes can be one or two millimetres deep.
Another minor variation can be found on the backs of the wheels, that is on the tubular spacer that holds the wheel away from the body can be either 3mm or 4mm in diameter.
It was fitted with a white or grey plastic driver, cream or off white drivers have been seen but this is most lilkely to be due to sunfading.

The #52 decaled version is very rare and all other variants are quite common. It was packed in 'D' or 'E' type boxes and after six years in the range it was deleted in 1968 to make way for the Mercury Commuter.

The Ferrair racing car does appear to have been released in more
than one shade but it will fade to orange if left in direct sunlight.

code number decal driver colour exhaust type
code 1 #52 decal grey driver exhaust type unknown
code 2 # 73 decal grey driver 1 mm exhaust
code 3 # 73 decal grey driver 2 mm exhaust
code 4 # 73 decal white driver 1 mm exhaust
code 5 # 73 decal white driver 2 mm exhaust

box types notes
D1 one black side one blue, "new model"
D2 one black side one blue
D2 two blue sides
D2 light blue sides,
E3 light blue sides,


with #73 decal 40

with #52 decal 250+

values are for mint models in mint boxes

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