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Moko Lesney Matchbox 66b Harley Davidson motorcycle and sidecar

To compliment the recently released Lesney model of the 4c Triumph T110 and the 36b Lambretta Lesney introduced the 66b Harley Davidson into the Matchbox 1-75 series which like the other models was issued with a sidecar
The model of the American built Harley Davidson was a very delicate but superb piece that showed Lesney really were the leaders in the field of diecasting and were second to none,
Their attention to detail on this one can't be faulted but unfortunately with such a finely cast item it is not uncommon to find that many have not stood the test of time and that the handlebars or the front forks could be broken off very easily so the is quite hard to find mint and undamaged.

It was only painted in the one colour scheme, metallic bronze all over including the baseplate which was actually part of the motorcycle casting.
It had 16 x 70 black plastic tyres on intricate die cast 9.5mm wire wheels mounted on domed head axles with rounded heads.
Two minor casting variation are known. The first was where a strengthening brace was added to the area of the rear motorcycle wheel on the inner swing arm, Later a small triangular strengthening brace was added to the sidecar baseplate, see the pictures below for details. It was only sold in one type box which was the box type 'D' and it was deleted in 1967 to make way for another American built vehicle the 66c Greyhound bus.
There are only two variations for this one, ie with brace or without brace and neither one seems particularly hard to find.
I guess Lesneys foray into motorcycle models can't have been too successful as apart from the Honda motorcycle which was actually the load for a motorcycle trailer no other motorcycle models were introduced and although the motorcycles were superb models they cant have been very popular or particularly good sellers as by 1966 all had been replaced by cars, buses or trucks.

Left, The first version without swing arm brace. Right, With swing arm brace.

 photo 66b13_zps25b2739d.jpg
The final issue had a small triangular brace added to the sidecar baseplate.
Photo courtesy George Marshall

code number general wheels axle type swing arm
strengthening brace
sidecar baseplate
strengthening brace
code 1 metallic bronze 16 x 70 black plastic tyres, 9.5mm spoked wheels dome head rounded without brace without brace
code 2 metallic bronze 16 x 70 black plastic tyres, 9.5mm spoked wheels dome head rounded with brace without brace
code 3 metallic bronze 16 x 70 black plastic tyres, 9.5mm spoked wheels dome head rounded with brace with brace

box types notes
D1 one black side one blue, "new model"
D2 one black side one blue
D2 two blue sides
D2 light blue sides,


all models 80

values are for mint models in mint boxes

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