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Moko Lesney Matchbox 58c Daf girder truck

Lesney continued to add interest in the 1-75 series with their efforts to make the 1-75 series a range of toys that were based on vehicles from all parts of the world with the introduction of the Dutch built Daf girder truck.
The Daf joined the range in 1968 and was painted off white,
The wheels were 11.5 x 45 black plastic which were mounted on dome head axles with rounded ends.

The windows were blue tinted plastic and were originally secured to the inside of the roof by a regular round rivet but later in its life the rivet was replaced by a stud to locate the windows,
This was done to speed up production and because the windscreen was held in place by the inside of the grille the rivet was unnecessary so it was replaced by the stud to locate the window which saved having to burr over the end of the rivet so it speded up production.

The baseplate was made from a bright orangy red plastic which incorporated the grille & headlights, it was secured to the body by the grille locating through openings in the front panel and by a single round rivet,
The baseplate was modified by the addition of a towing guide being molded in, Around about the time the towing guide was added the colour of the plastic used for the grille was changed to a duller plain red,

Apart from the stud replacing the rivet to secure the windows the only other variation to the body casting was that it could have either a number 1 or a number 2 cast on the underside,
To add play value the model came with a set of a twelve red plastic girders that were designed to interlock so structures could be built with them.
The Daf was sold in 'E' or 'F' type boxes and was converted to superfast wheels in 1970 and finally deleted in 1972.

The model comes with 12 interlocking plastic girders

code number general wheel type baseplate window fixing
code 1 off white body, orangy red baseplate, green tinted windows 11.5 x 45 black plastic orange plastic, no towguide with stud
code 2 off white body, red baseplate, green tinted windows 11.5 x 45 black plastic red plastic, no towguide with stud
code 3 off white body, red baseplate, green tinted windows 11.5 x 45 black plastic orangy red plastic with towguide with rivet

box types notes
E3 light blue sides,
E4 light blue sides,
F2 A Lesney Product
F2 Lesney Products & Co Ltd London England


all models 25

values are for mint models in mint boxes

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