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Moko Lesney Matchbox 44c GMC refrigerator truck


The The Lesney model of the American built GMC (General motors corp) refrigerator truck is usually found painted in just the one colour scheme which is red with a turquoise refrigerator box although several models have been seen with a dark green cab and a silver grey refrigerator as illustrated on the early 'E' type box but it is generally accepted that they are pre production issues so this variation has not been added to the listing.
The production model had a dark green tinted window unit and 12.5 x 40 black plastic wheels on domed head axles with rounded ends,
It had either a grey or brownish grey container door and baseplate that were both made from a plastic that tends to discolour if left in sunlight.,
The baseplate would be held in place by the headlights and grille which were included in the baseplate molding and they would locate through openings in the front of the cab and by a single rivet through the rear of the baseplate.
On later issues a towing guide was added to the baseplate.

There were only two casting variations, the first was to add a door stop to the inside of the roof to stop the door getting pushed into the refrigerator container and later a raised rear bumper was added to the rear of the chassis.
It first joined the Matchbox 1-75 series in 1967 and converted to superfast wheels in 1970 and featured the new colour scheme of a yellow cab and a red refrigerator.
The GMC was packaged in 'E' and 'F' type boxes and after a five year run it was deleted in 1972.
It is very a very common model except for the version without the door stop casting which is quite rare but does not fetch high prices because it is not a variation that would stand out in the display case.

above: left with tow guide, right no tow guide

above: circled in yellow, the door stop and the rear bumper

above: With and without rear bumper
photo courtesy Kurt (Pierkemimi) from the forum.

code number towing guide back door stop rear bumper
code 1 no towing guide no door stop no bumper
code 2 no towing guide with door stop no bumper
code 3 no towing guide with door stop with bumper
code 4 with towing guide with door stop no rear bumper
code 5 with towing guide with door stop with rear bumper

box types notes
E4 "new model"
E4R none
F2 A Lesney Product
F2 "Matchbox" is the reg'd TM of Lesney Products& Co Ltd London England
F2 "Matchbox" is the reg'd TM of Lesney Products& Co Ltd London England, Solido licence


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