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Moko Lesney Matchbox 1d Aveling Barford road roller

This version of the Lesney road roller was introduced into the Matchbox 1-75 series in 1962 and like the previous issue the 1d aveling barford was a scaled up version of the 1b roller.
Apart from being a little larger at 67mm long the main difference between this and the previous versions was the rollers which were now made from plastic, these were on dome head rounded axles.
The front roller carrier could be steered and this was also held on by a dome head axle pin with rounded ends. The colour was a dark green and a driver was cast in. It featured a tow hook but what it was supposed to tow is anyones guess.

There were a few casting variations. The first was the addition of a hole in the baseplate. It's purpose is unknown.
Until now the baseplate had been held on by the rear axle but it was decided that for some extra strength two rivets should be added to attach the baseplate with.
To do this some of the lettering had to be removed from the baseplate so the words "made in England by Lesney" were cast in their new position which was under the roof in very small lettering.
The 1d roller is a fairly common piece but the first version without the hole in the baseplate is quite rare although it does not command much of a premium as the difference between this and the common versions is not easily visible and would not stand out as a different variation in the display cabinet.
The 1d was sold in 'D' and 'E' type boxes. It was deleted in 1967 to make way for the 1e mercedes truck.

code number general rollers baseplate type
code 1 green body & front roller carrier red plastic, dome head rounded axles no hole, no rivets
code 2 green body & front roller carrier red plastic, dome head rounded axles with a hole, no rivets
code 3 green body & front roller carrier red plastic, dome head rounded axles with a hole, two rivets

box types notes
D1 sides - one black one blue
D2 sides - one black one blue
D2 sides - two blue
D2 sides - two light blue
E3 sides - two light blue

all models 25
values are for mint models in mint boxes
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