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Moko Lesney Matchbox 1b Aveling Barford road roller

The second Lesney model of the Aveling Barford road roller replaced the earlier issue in the matchbox 1-75 series in 1956.
The new version was longer at 57mm in length and it was painted light green and it had red die cast metal rollers.
It had gold trim to the towing hook and flat head axles with crimped ends.
The only variation was found on the driver which can be found painted in either light or dark brown.
There were no casting or colour variations and the model was only in production for two years so it is not very easy to find. It was replaced by the 1c Aveling Barford road roller which was a scaled up version of the same vehicle.
The 1b road roller was packaged in 'B' type boxes and there are no rare variations.
Budgie toys made an almost identical road roller which can be mistaken for this model but the Budgie version did not have a hook and the rear rollers had eight small studs cast into the sides.

code number general rollers axles driver colour
code 1 light green body, gold trim red metal flat head crimped light brown
code 2 light green body, gold trim red metal flat head crimped dark brown

box types notes
B1 large picture
B1 small picture
B2 large picture, thick pillars shown
B2 small picture, thick pillars shown
B2 thin pillars shown


green body, red rollers, light or dark brown driver 40

values are for mint models in mint boxes

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