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Moko Lesney Matchbox 19a MG Midget TD

The Lesney model of the MG Midget TD joined the Matchbox 1-75 series in 1956 and it was the first proper car type vehicle as up until the release of the MG Lesneys Vehicles were always lorries or construction models. The MG was painted cream or white and it appears that both colours were in production at the same time as both colours can be found with the earlier flat head type axles or the later dome head type axles.
The wheels were always 9 x 24 grey metal on axles with crimped ends,

The model had a spare wheel mounted to the back which was a different casting to the road wheels because it had no axle hole and it had a split socket at the back to attach it to the car which was quite a successful way of mounting the spare as even on the most playworn examples they are always found with the spare tyre in place.
The model was fitted with a tan painted driver which unlike the spare tyre is nearly always missing, The steering wheel was part of the driver casting.

The model was enhanced with hand applied silver trim to the grille and headlights and the tail lights can sometimes be found with red trim but more often the rear lights are not trimmed.
Before the driver was fitted the seats were painted red, This was also done by hand so there is some variation between models and the transmission tunnel can be found painted red or left in the body colour.

At the time of writing this there are no known casting variations or modifications.
The MG was replaced by the 19b MGA sports car in 1958 and considering that the earlier MG was only in production for two years it is quite common today so it must have been a popular model in its day.
The MG was packaged in 'B' type boxes only, The white version is slightly harder to find than the cream issue but there are no particularly rare variations.

above: many absent drivers, a common fault with the MG

above: unusual variation with extra silver trim to windscreen frame.

above: A very rare and unusual pre production MG,
This one has no spare wheel or hole in the back to
attach the spare, It has no red trim to the interior
and the axles are panel pins (nails),
From the Renaat Maes collection.
photo courtesy - Renaat Maes

above: the white and cream bodies

code number general wheel type axle type
code 1 cream body 9 x 24 grey metal flat head crimped
code 2 cream body 9 x 24 grey metal dome head crimped
code 3 white body 9 x 24 grey metal flat head crimped
code 4 white body 9 x 24 grey metal dome head crimped

box types notes
B1 blurred picture
B1 sharp picture
B2 with driver shown
B2 without driver shown


cream body 50

white body 80

values are for mint models in mint boxes

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