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Matchbox Superfast MB67-b VW 1600TL

The #67 VW 1600TL was one of the original 5 regular wheels castings selected to join the SuperFast 1-75 series in 1969. Some 1969 publicity photographs show the VW 1600 TL painted in the same metallic blue well known from the #14 Iso Grifo and fitted with the silver foiled solid disc wheels that were the initial attempt to create attractive speedwheels. At least one of these cars survives today in a private collection.
The SuperFast VW 1600TL was released in the same shade of red it had worn when fitted with regular ´realistic´ wheels, and shown as such on the fine ´F´ box artwork. It was soon recoloured to purple clearcoat over silver primer to match the 1970 ´G´ box artwork. This metallic purple shade appeared on a batch fitted with ´realistic´ regular wheels that were packaged in Canadian blisterpacks with Matchbox Motorway artwork and a 1969 copyright date.Other later SuperFast issues were packed in all blisterpack designs with copyright dates between 1969 and 1972.

Whilst the most common metallic purple used is this first shade, a large quantity were also made in dark metallic purple. Much less common is light metallic purple, which is halfway between common metallic purple and the hot pink clearcoat over silver primer that became standard by 1972.
Mention must also be made of a short run painted with the same light puple clearcoat over white primer which gave a non-metallic light purple result.
As the hot pink issues were re-run the colour was significantly toned down without the yellow undertones in the clearcoat. The hot pink was extremely susceptable to strong light and examples that have faded to silver are not uncommon and easily made today so premiums should not be paid for these unless the finish lacks the glossy laquer of the clearcoat in which case the cars in question are just in the factory silver primer and are errors as such!.

All SuperFast VW 1600 TLs have bump stops cast inside the front wheel arches to limit the travel on the plastic suspension. The only other casting modification was made late 1971 or early 1972 when the wheel arches were widened to allow 10x4mm wide 5 slots to replace the 11x2mm thin 5 slots which were fitted to all examples cast with the original wheel arch profiles.
Rare cross overs exist with thin wheels under enlarged wheel arches.
All wide wheels issues painted in the UK were hot pink, although a colour trial does exist painted in the solid orange enamel which was used on the #56 BMC1800.
Lesney supplied unpainted castings plus all other components needed for painting and final assembley by Roly Toys of Brazil. Both the 1971 thin wheeled original wheelarches bodies and 1972 wide wheels flared arches bodies were shipped to be painted in a variety of colours chosen by Roly Toys.

Above: The red VW was a regular wheel colour that was briefly carried over into the Superfast range. It is pictured above with an early F type box showing a regular wheel car with the word 'Superfast' printed in red ink. The red model had small wheel arches and 11x2mm wheels.

Above: The non metallic light purple or 'grape' had small wheel arches and 11x2mm wheels.

Above: The dark metallic purple VW with a later F type box showing a superfast car and with the word 'Superfast' printed in black ink.

Above: The metallic purple and the light metallic purple VW with later G type boxes, All purple VW's have narrow 11x2mm wheels and small wheel arches.

Above: The metallic purple-pink version was always fitted with 11x2mm wheels and small wheel arches.

Above left: The metallic pink VW was the last colour change, It can be found with small wheel arches and 11x2mm thin wheels or enlarged wheel arches and wider 10x4mm wheels although crossovers with thin wheels under enlarged wheel arches are known to exist.

Above: A USA Blister pack.

Above: Showing most of the colours available.

Above: The VW was also released as part of the 1970 G-2 Transporter Superset.

Above: Two examples of the metallic blue pre production colour trial models
with solid disc wheels and another later colour trial VW with a yellow baseplate.

code number
wheel arches
code 9
11x2mm 5 slot
code 10
light purple
11x2mm 5 slot
code 11
dark metallic purple
11x2mm 5 slot
code 12
metallic purple
11x2mm 5 slot
code 13
light metallic purple
11x2mm 5 slot
code 14
light metallic purple-pink
11x2mm 5 slot
code 15
light metallic pink
11x2mm 5 slot
code 16
light metallic pink
11x4mm 5 slot

Values based on Vectis actual selling prices.
red gloss, F box with red 'Superfast' - £150-£180
red gloss, F box with black 'Superfast' - £80-£100
any shade of purple, F box - £40-£60
any shade of purple, G box - £20-£30
metallic pink - £20-£30