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Matchbox Superfast MB62-c Mercury Cougar

The #62 1967 Mercury Cougar joined the SuperFast range late in 1969 retaining its metallic green paint and red interior from its regular wheel autosteer days.
The Mercury was packaged initially in ´F´ boxes - 3 variations, being the drawn Superfast fitted car with or without ´SuperFast´ in black or the regular wheels drawing with SuperFast in red.
Some collectors suggest the SuperFast car artwork without ´ SuperFast´ printed on the box came with autosteer cars but others take the view that these boxes were printed & intended for SuperFast cars before the name ´SuperFast´ had been officially authorised.
The Mercury can also be found in perhaps the most scarce ´G´ box of all as well as USA or Canada blisterpacks with copyright dates 1969 or 1970.

There are no known casting variations for the one year SuperFast life of the Mercury although it can be found with either solid or hollow 11x2mm thin 5 slot wheels and in two shades of metallic lime green, the common shade which matches the autosteer issues and a more yellowy tint which is less common but still made in a large volume.
Before the end of 1970 this tooling was modified with doors cast shut and large engine protruding from a hole in the centre of the bonnet, and regarded by collectors as the #62d and renamed by Lesney as the Rat Rod dragster.

Above: On the left the metallic lime yellow next to the metallic lime green version shown with their respective F and G type boxes.

Above: One early F box release has the superfast wheel car illustration but there's no mention of the word 'superfast'.

Above: Another unusual early F box shows the regular wheel model (with autosteer) on a box with 'superfast' printed in red.

Above: The most common F type box has 'superfast' printed in black and it has the superfast car illustrated.

Above: The same common F box, I can't decide if this has a different illustration or not, The grille area is certainly darker than the one shown in the picture above this one,

Above: And finally the G type box which is not easy to find.

Above: Vectis have sold several Mercurys fitted with pre production disc type wheels.

Above: Unlike the majority of models the Mercury was not released in any of the superfast sets but it did have a larger scale big brother in the Kingsize range.

code number
code 10
metallic lime green
red plastic
clear plastic
code 11
metallic lime yellow
red plastic
clear plastic

Values based on Vectis actual selling prices.
metallic lime green, F box with black 'superfast' - £30-£40
metallic lime yellow, F box with black 'superfast' - £35-£45
metallic lime green, G box - £70-£80
metallic lime yellow, G box - £75-£85
for F box, without 'superfast' - add £50
for F box with red 'superfast' - add £20