PLEASE NOTE: I will no longer be altering the variation codes. All new discoveries will be inserted in to their correct place in the timeline and given a suffix.
So a new variation that would be nearest to variation 4 would become the new 4a, etc.

Matchbox Superfast MB37-c Dodge Cattle Truck

The Dodge Cattle Truck joined the SuperFast range in 1970 and was deleted in 1971. It was packaged in G boxes along with 2 white plastic cattle and can also be found in copyright 1969-71 USA and Canada blisterpacks.
The most common variation was made in standard Lesney construction yellow as per most of the regular wheels issues with a dark gray or mid grey cargo box and either solid or hollow 11.5x2mm thin 5 slot wheels.
The hardest to find variation which featured solid tyres was made very early in the SF production run of the 37c painted in the brightest shade of yellow used by Lesney routinely for the no 33 Muira and no18 Fieldcar.
The third variation released was painted yellow orange in the same shade used on the darkest of the famous no 20 Chevy Impala taxis.At this time a run of lighter gray plastic cargo boxes were made and matched up to this third cab colour.
The final run was in orange, the same shade as used on the SF 56 BMC Pinninfarina.These final 3 variations were fitted with hollow 11.5x2mm thin 5 slot wheels although as they were secured with plastic clips it is a simple matter for collectors to swap wheels on this casting.All issues had green tinted glazing.

Above: The bright yellow, Orange yellow and orange Dodges.
photo courtesy George Marshall.

Above: bright yellow

Above: orange yellow

Above: orange

code number
body colour
cattle box colour
code 8
bright yellow
dark grey
code 9
orange yellow
dark grey
code 10
orange yellow
mid grey
code 11
dark grey
code 12

Values based on Vectis actual selling prices.
bright yellow + dark grey - 40-50
construction yellow (as reg wheel model) + dark or mid grey - 25-35
orange-yellow + dark or mid grey - 25-35
orange + dark grey - 25-35
orange + silver - 120-150