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So a new variation that would be nearest to variation 4 would become the new 4a, etc.

Matchbox Superfast MB30-c Faun 8 Wheel Crane Truck

The Faun Crane truck joined the SuperFast range for a brief stay of less than one year. It was always packaged in G boxes or in USA or Canada blisterpacks with copyright 1969 or 1970 dates.
It was recoloured to tomato red with a gold jib however a small very proportion of the production used up orange jibs that were left over from the regular wheels production.
Yellow or mustard yellow hooks were always fitted although red hooks from #13 wreckers are very easily substituted so no premium should be paid for unusual hook colours.
It is easy to swap jibs and hooks although rivits do show signs of being tampered with so very close examination is vital to avoid buying fakes of this very desirable transitional.
It was always fitted with standard 11x2mm thin 5 slot wheels which can be solid or hollow or a mixture of both varieties and they were secured by specially designed removable double axle clips which were always black.

Above: Two Faun Cranes, The model on the left has a pale yellow hook and the other one has a mustard yellow hook.
It should be noted that these hooks are easily swapped between models so no premium should be paid for them.

Above: The Faun 8 wheeled crane with a tomato red body and a gold jib, Even though this was the standard issue it is still not that easy to find as it was only in the range for a short while.

Above: A rare 'crossover' Faun with a red superfast body fitted with an orange jib left over from the regular wheel era, These are very rare but also easily faked so close attention should be paid to the jib securing rivet to make sure it has not been swapped from a regular wheel model.

code number
body colour
jib colour
hook colour
code 7
pale yellow
code 8
mustard yellow
code 9
mustard yellow

Values based on Vectis actual selling prices.
red body with gold jib - 30-40
red body with orange jib - 700-800