PLEASE NOTE: I will no longer be altering the variation codes. All new discoveries will be inserted in to their correct place in the timeline and given a suffix.
So a new variation that would be nearest to variation 4 would become the new 4a, etc.

Matchbox Superfast MB26-c GMC Tipper Truck

The 26 GMC joined the Superfast range packed in a G box but it stayed for less than 2 years without any official changes to its colours. However the red cab can be found in 2 distinct shades, deep red and orange red.
Ordinary thick 4 spoke truck tyres are standard on this casting although a tiny hard to find proportion of production did have the thick Spiro pattern hubs best known from the 19 Lotus F1 and 30 Beach Buggy.
The tooling produced at least 2 copies of each component per operation so there are minor differences to the lettering spacing on the baseplates, with or without no 26 cast inside the gas tank and a number 1 or 2 cast on the tipper underside.
This model has also been reported to have been issued with an unpainted tipper bed and tailgate but as this would be an error piece it has not been added to the variation table.
The GMC was rather a dull model which only was only in production for three years including the regular wheel era as well as the superfast issues but it seems to be readily available so it must have been a popular model in its day,
However prices tend to reflect it's lack of desirability so can be bought quite cheaply today.

Above: A group shot of the GMC's, There were very few variations.

Above: A GMC with red cab.

Above: The slightly lighter orange red cab.

Above: The hard to find version with spiro pattern wheels as fitted to the 19 Lotus and 30 Beach Buggy.

Above: A pre production GMC with white chassis and without the chrome plating to the wheels.

Above: An interesting error piece that did not have windows.

code number
code 2
red, silver & green
12.5x4mm 5 slot
code 3
orange-red, silver & green
12.5x4mm 5 slot
code 4
red, silver & green
12.5 spiro
code 5
orange-red, silver & green
12.5 spiro

Values based on Vectis actual selling prices.
with spiro wheels - 30-50
with 5 slot wheels - 20-30