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1959 presentation sets PS1 and PS2
Above, The first two sets, PS1 and PS2 are shown in a picture taken from an early Lesney catalogue, This is the only illustration of the PS1 "Private owner set" that I can find so it's possible that there are no remaining examples of this set left to point a camera at, If one set did come up for auction it would be keenly bid on by collectors from around the world, Estimating it's value would be purely guesswork but I would imagine that at least several thousand pounds would be changing hands. see below for PS2.

An example of the Presentation set PS2 "Transporter & 4 Cars set" from the Manuel G collection, These are incredibly rare sets, I don't recall Vectis ever handling one and I have certainly not seen one before although a few may still exist hidden away in collections, I believe the PS2 was simply outsold by the PS3 which was a very similar set that had two extra cars hence the PS2's rarity. The underneath of the box has a list of the first 14 models of yesteryear, the first 4 accessory packs, the first 6 major packs and a listing for the matchbox "standard" series (1-75s) which states that number 76 would be the Cadillac (27c). The value, Again pure guesswork but it has to be 2-3000 minimum.
photographs courtesy Manuel G