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1956 PS1-8 (bronner USA)

These sets were made in the USA by Bronner so were not available in the UK, They date from 1956 and each set contained 8 models from the 1-75 series, Set one comprised of models numbered 1-8, set two 9-16 and so on up to set 8 which had numbers 57-64. These sets are extremely rare as there are less than six known PS1 sets and the PS1 is probably the most common, On ebay an empty PS1 box sold for 2500 in February 2010 and a full box would probably sell for in excess of 3500. As no boxes for the PS2 to PS8 have come up for sale it is impossible to place a value on them but no doubt they would be worth even more than the PS1.

This is the presentation set number PS-2 which is currently up for auction on, Offered by the seller of the No 1 set pictured above, Details to follow when the auction has ended.

This is the PS-3 set containing models numbered 17 to 24. It is shown slightly under the actual size, a very rare, very beautiful and very expensive piece of cardboard. Its value would probably exceed 3500.
photo courtesy Matchboxmodels from the forum.