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1960 Garage Set C


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Lot 1092 Matchbox Magic 14 - April 5th, 2006 Matchbox Regular Wheels Presentation Garage Gift Set containing (1) No.29b Austin Cambridge - two tone green, green windows, no rear silver trim, red tail-lights, silver plastic wheels - Near Mint to Mint in Good Plus Lesney box, (2) No.57b Chevrolet Impala - two tone blue, green windows, no rear silver trim, red tail-lights, light blue base, silver plastic wheels - Near Mint in Near Mint Lesney box, (3) No.74a Mobile Refreshments Canteen - silver, blue base and interior, dark red decals, silver plastic wheels - Near Mint in Excellent Moko box with model details in white panels to end flaps, (4) Major Pack M6 Scammell 6 x 6 Ballast Tractor with Pickfords Lowloader Trailer - dark blue, maroon loadbed and trailer swan necks, dark blue drawbar, knobbly black plastic wheels - Near Mint in Good to Good Plus Moko box, (5) Accessory Pack A2 Esso Petrol Pumps and Garage Sign - Excellent to Excellent Plus in Good Moko box, (6) Accessory Pack A1 Bedford Articulated Car Transporter - blue, masked sprayed silver grille, car collection decals, knobbly grey plastic wheels, rounded axles - cab Good, trailer Excellent Plus in Good Plus Moko box, (7) MG1 Esso Sales and Service Station - Near Mint in Good Lesney box, (8) Printed Roadway Layout No.1 - has been assembled - generally Excellent in Excellent Lesney paper sleeve all contained in Fair but complete Lesney colour picture box. Set also includes the following 2 models (1) No.42a Bedford Evening News Van - metal wheels - Excellent in Fair early issue small Moko box, (2) No.45a Vauxhall Victor - primrose yellow, metal wheels - Near Mint in Excellent Moko box, although both these models were originally issued with this set both are from the earlier metal wheel period, this set should correctly contain grey plastic wheel versions of both these models in later issue boxes, set is also missing the following models (1) No.5c London Routemaster Bus, (2) No.31b Ford Fairlane Station Wagon, (3) No.46b Blue Guy Pickfords Removals Van. A very rare set. Estimate: 1000 -1500 Bidding is now closed on this item Price Realised: 2600