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G6c giftset 1965 Commercial Truck Set


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Lot 1105 Matchbox Magic 14 - April 5th, 2006 Matchbox Regular Wheels G6 Commercial Truck Gift Set - late issue with inner vac-form tray rather than inner card plinth containing (1) No.6c Euclid Quarry Truck - yellow, no silver trim, wide cab steps, smooth regular black plastic wheels, (2) No.15c Dennis Refuse Truck - angled decals, no silver grille, large smooth black plastic wheels, (3) No.16c Scammell Snowplough - open cab steps, orange and white blade decal, smooth black plastic wheels, (4) No.17d Foden Hoveringham Tipper - no silver grille, white plastic suspension, (5) No.26b Foden Cement Mixer - orange body and plastic barrel, no silver grille, smooth black plastic wheels, (6) No.30 Faun Mobile Crane - without tow slot, (7) No.58 Drott Excavator - red, closed bucket hydraulic rams, metallic silver base and engine, black plastic rollers, original green rubber tracks, (8) No.62b Commer TV Service Van "Rentaset" - plastic parts attached to sprue, riveted baseplate, smooth black plastic wheels - contents Excellent to Near Mint in Good Plus detailed colour picture box. Estimate: 200 -260 Bidding is now closed on this item Price Realised: 750