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G10 giftset 1964 Service Station Set (green garage)

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Matchbox Regular Wheels No.G10 "Service Station" Gift Set comprising of Accessory Pack No.MG1 "Matchbox BP Sales & Service Station" - green base with white 2 storey building, No.1 "BP" Petrol Pumps and Sign, No.13c Ford Thames Trader Wreck Truck - red including closed lattice, grey plastic hook, knobbly black plastic wheels, No.25b Volkswagen Beetle - metallic silver-blue, knobbly grey plastic wheels, No.31b Ford Fairlane Station Wagon - metallic green, pale pink roof, crimson base with silver plastic wheels, This is a recent discovery that is now in my own collection, As far as I can tell Vectis have never sold this set, Note the box illustration shows the green building with the red breakdown truck which I have not seen before, it also shows the 3 vehicles with black plastic wheels including the 25b VW 1200, I would estimate it to be worth 400- 500 but have no previous sales to set the value by except for a single example of the G-10 with the red Esso garage, and somewhere around 2000 if it contained the almost ledgendary black wheeled 25b VW.